The Ultimate Guide to Hot Rods


This is an illustrated encyclopedia with more than 550 photographs. It is an illustrated encyclopedia of classic hot rods and street rods, with over 550 stunning photographs. It gives a fascinating chronological reference to a legendary style of automobile, covering the early models of the 1920s through to today. Detailed chapters on each decade through the 20th century look at the evolution of the style, with a focus on interiors, special features, wheels and engines. This is a comprehensive volume perfect for all automobile enthusiasts. According to Webster’s dictionary, a hot rod is ‘an automobile rebuilt or modified for high speed and acceleration’. Hot rods are more than that, however, they’re an American icon. They have all become the stuff of legends, celebrated in both movies and popular music. This fascinating book takes you through the history of the style, from their birthplace in southern California and the ‘souped-up’ Model Ts of the 1920s through the Belly-Tank Lakesters of the ’40s and ’50s to today’s Rat Rods and fiberglass Repro Rods. There are facts about the manufacturer, design and engineering behind each machine, making each one roar to life on the page. An informed text, accompanied by stunning colour photographs, make this the perfect reference for motoring enthusiasts or anybody with an interest in automobiles.

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