Muscle Cars: The Legend Lives On


What is the most powerful muscle car ever made? What nearly led to their extinction back in the ’70s? Which of their 21st century descendents should you buy today?

The Pontiac GTO; the Dodge Charger; the Ford Mustang — they’re names that send a shiver down the spine of any true car enthusiast. After all, muscle cars were the kings of the road throughout the ’60s and ’70s. With big V8 engines crammed into mid-sized shells, they ripped up the roads to their way out of Detroit as they roared onto the market and into the awaiting arms of the power-hungry public.

The dominance of the muscle car may have come to a dramatic end in the oil crisis of the 1970s but their spirit is alive and kicking today with Dodge, Ford and Chevrolet just some of the names responsible for creating the modern equivalent of these high octane heroes.

In this full-color book you will find detailed profiles of the best of the classic and new muscle cars — their facts, stats and great stories from behind the scenes.

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